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What do we do...

We are dedicated (or crazy).  We get up very very very early on our only days off!  Then we go search for coffee.  Did you know that when it is dark, cold, & wet outside, a cup off hot coffee is almost better than cash?

We are a force of nature. One of our team members actually commandeered a ‘lost’ tour bus to move medical patients along with all their gear & bikes so they could reach the finish line of a long cycling event.  Snapping that selfie with the finish line in the background was GOLD for those patients.

We make a difference.  Anyone on our team whether they have a medical background or not can make a difference.  Caring for patients, participants, volunteers, spectators, and even the occasional famous rock star may take many forms.

Here is a small snippet of what we do…Think of it as a trailer to your favorite movie. We

  • play Tetris (otherwise known as packing and unpacking large trucks full of supplies and equipment)
  • get creative and build a mini-emergency department in a field under a tent
  • do a lot of walking and meet all kinds of people
  • provide multi-disciplinary medical care for everything from minor injuries to serious & life-threatening illnesses
  • do a lot of planning and preparation so we can provide immediate care to any injury or illnesses that occur
  • use our Jedi assessment skills to check to see that people haven’t gotten themselves into trouble
  • treat lots of feet (blisters, scrapes, and cuts)
  • have fun!
  • teach, train, and learn from each other
  • get NERDY and write articles for medical journals. Remember all those essays on history or social studies…yeah, our papers are much more interesting (maybe)




Who are we looking for...

We welcome everyone who wants to do what it takes to ensure the event attendees and participants experience their best events ever. We are looking to change the world, one event at a time.

Whether you have a healthcare background or bring other types of expertise to the team, we have roles you will enjoy. For example,

  • transport – we need “drivers” for everything from bikes and golf carts to motorcycles and big rigs
  • healthcare – we need physicians, nurses, paramedics, first aiders, specialty care providers
  • event support – we welcome unit clerks, scribes, organized people
  • crew support – grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, teens, to help keep us going. Make sure we are fed and watered and taking breaks!
  • equipment curators – cool people who want to hang out, listen to music, and wash mud off of cots and restock equipment and supplies so we are “show ready” for the next event
  • Event Leaders
  • and so much more…


Why get involved...

  1. Because everyone has a talent that they can share. Think about a vacation you took, remember telling everyone all about your adventures when you got back? Now let’s say, a friend of yours visited the same the place. I bet both of you were super excited to share your stories with each other and thought that your trip couldn’t have been any better BUT now your friend’s experience has got you thinking about what you are going to do the next time you go travel.
  2. Because shared experiences are richer experiences. That is why a lot of us get involved. We are people who are passionate about different kinds of special events and we ALWAYS have a unique story to share by the end of it. Many of us work hard at our ‘day jobs,’ but we are social and we want to go do fun stuff after with adventurous people! Many members of our team have made life long friends because they decided to get involved.
  3. Because you have a lot of knowledge and expertise to share. Now replace story and insert ‘your talent.’ Did you know that everyone on the team has the ability to teach someone else something new? That feels great! It’s such a fun environment to learn in!
  4. Because you will learn new skills. Maybe you have never driven an all-terrain vehicle before and you are a cardiac surgeon. Or, maybe you you build rockets that will land on Mars and you want to come out and learn about what it takes to build a mini-emergency room in the field. Who knows?


How to get involved...